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12v Wire Systems

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12v Wire Systems

12V Wire Systems Explained

Care should be taken when installing low voltage rope and track light systems to ensure tight connections, as the long runs (max 6m) and high amperage associated with low voltage means that heat will be produced by loose connections.

In runs of more than 6 meters insulated connectors must be used, and each run can be supplied separately from the same phase. When using 150/200/300VA toroidal transformers the MCB may need to be up rated to a motor rated “C” type to prevent unnecessary tripping*. Our 6mm wire is rated at 300VA.
* We also sell Surge Protectors that reduce start up surge by up to 50%.

The wire rope is fixed by means of cable holders and straining sets. The straining sets allow adjustment to the tautness of the cable (on longer runs we recommend a straining set is used on both ends). The use of an in-line strainer can allow extra adjustment but the cable may still need to be supported with ceiling supports on longer runs, which can drop to 150mm. If a longer drop is needed steel support wire sold by the metre and steel wire holders can be used. Should you be fixing to metal work or flooring insulated strainers and cable holders must be used. The 6mm cable is sold by the metre, so if you require a 5 metre run you will need to order 10 metres for the 5 metre parallel run and additional cable to connect the transformer via the power feed nuts. Ensure that you use a minimum of 6mm cable between transformer and track/wire and keep the length to a minimum by mounting transformer as near to wire as possible.

Different Run Types
Basic Run
Run Exceeding 6M and/or 300w

Ceiling Mounted Run Using Straining Sets and Ceiling Support

Ceiling and Wall Run
Ceiling Mounted Run Using Straining

Step 1 - Wire

Wire sold per metre, 300va max, volt drop after 6 metre. Also required to connect power feed nuts to the

Step 2 - Mounting

For wall mounting use one pack of fixed brackets cable holders at one end with one pack of adjustable straining set at the other. For extra tension use strainers at both ends. Insulated mounts available for fixing on to metal. Ceiling runs can be fixed directly to the ceiling using strainers each end, to mount run further away from the surface use ceiling support rods to support and position your cable run.

Step 3 - Support

Rigid support rods and steel wire support are available for use at the
installers discretion.

Step 4 - Re-Router

Re routers can be used to change the direction of the cable, idea for use in

Step 5 - Power

Transformers should be 300va max. Although dimmable we do not recommend dimming a wire system with torodial transformers.
Use 1 pack of power feed nuts per transformer, feed them using the cable.
To exceed 6m run or 300w use an insulated connector and power each section separately.
WARNING - Toroidal transformers create a large start up current so the MCB will need to be upgraded to a motor rated ‘C’ type

Step 6 - Fitting

Select the appropriate fitting from our range, checking lamp type carefully. Fittings are sold excluding lamps or
accessories unless stated otherwise. Photographs shown are just a

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Weybridge Lights |  Interior Lighting |  12v Wire Systems