Colour Changing Master Lamp

Colour Changing Master Lamp
Colour Changing Master Lamp
Our Product Ref : PD102540

Price 97.80 Inc VAT  


A Tri-Star master colour-changing unit. This unit if maintenance free and is controlled by an infrared remote control. Witch you can set to single colours or different colour programs. With this master unit it can have up to 32 salve units with all of the units will colour changing all at the same time.

- Chrome top
- W-50mm D-52mm
- Same size of a MR16
- 4 pre-set colour-changing programs
- 16 fixed colour options
- 4 brightness levels (dimming)
- Use with Remote 103240
- Connect fitting using 4core cable
- Use with LED Driver
- 103518 up to 4 Lamps
- 103519 up to 8 Lamps
- 103520 up to 12 Lamps
- 103521 up to 19 Lamps
- Click to view transformers

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