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Gardenzone Plug and Go

Garden Zone Lighting Explained

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For garden lover and gardening alike, showing off your garden to the best effect with efficient and quality landscape lighting has become a regular feature within a garden plan. However, finding the right lighting solution has, until now, been problematic.

Garden Zoneaims to eliminate this by offering a wide versatile section of high quality, easy to install and energy efficient product solution to all parts of the garden, whether it be flowerbeds, trees, pathways or decking.

Garden Zoneis a new brand of landscape and garden lighting, which will fulfil all the needs of the gardening enthusiast, landscape designer or contract specialist. Having developed a product range designed with quality and light performance as the first priority, this collection of fitting offer the broadest and arguably the best quality selection available.

Using our excellent 12 volt plug and go system allows up to 25 fittings to be connected together over a distance of up to 80 metres. Furthermore, all the fittings within the plug and go series use high power LED light sources, which have very good light output properties alongside exceptionally low energy consumption. Added to this we offer a complementary range of 240V model in matching designs as well as range accessories to ensure the widest possible choice.

- Quick, easy and convenient to install.
- Wide choice of styles for all applications.
- Easy to design and plan your own lighting scheme.
- Super energy efficient.
- Fully interchangeable “mix and match” range.
- Superior quality products made from superior quality materials.
- Add to, stage by stage, with our plug and go system.

Planning your garden lighting

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Choose the areas you want to have lit and we suggest you then sketch a rough plan view of each area involved. Choose the fittings which will suit your requirements and list them out with the quantity of each where relevant. Be careful to bear in mind the voltage of the fitting chosen. All 240V fittings will need mains supply to wherever they are to be installed whereas all plug and go models just need to be connected into the low voltage cable (as shown below). Measure the distance involved for the plug and go models chosen and determine, from the cable set options available, and which cable set or sets will be needed. Remember, up to 80 metres of cable can be used from 1 LED driver but the wattage loading must not exceed the recommended maximum. Plan where the mains supply will originate from. With the plug and go system you have a choice of placing the LED driver/ drivers in an IP rated wall box on an exterior wall. However, depending on how large an area is involved, sometimes more than one mains feed may be needed in different locations. Consultation with an electrician is advisable on this matter.
Garden Zone - How it works....
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