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Harco Loor Design

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Harco Loor Design (HLD)

In the early eighties the international lighting market was seeing an interest and significance of Dutch design and this led to the founding of Harco Loor Design.

A fascination with colours, shapes and practicality has influenced the life of designer Harco Loor. Having come to the decision that most people are not interested in art for art's sake, he decided to combine art with the functionally of decorative and architectural lighting into an art form.

Starting off he used Plexiglas but his designs evolved organically using stainless steel and aluminium combined with halogen, mesh shades, glasses and crystals.

All the lighting fixtures are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands at their Haarlem factory. For many designs the fact that they are hand made means they can be flexible with measurements and finish on request.

The range of modern and classic designs includes chandeliers, hanging lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table and floor lamps. Each item carries the signature of Harco Loor integrated into the design, personally shaping each design before it leaves his workshop.

You can now purchase Harco Loor light fittings in over 50 countries. They are supplied by specialised retailers, architects/designers, project managers as well as through agents and sole distributors.

Each design and the company mark are registered with the Office for Harmonization in the International Market for community design and patented through the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

Harco Loor is a well known, original and extraordinarily inspired, lighting designer. With his ranges he tries to create a pleasing and upbeat atmosphere, bringing joy into your environment.


HL - Hanging lamp
PL - Ceiling lamp
TL - Table lamp
FL - Floor lamp
WL - Wall lamp

Standard height HL = 110/120 cm. Other height please state by ordering.

For projects other measures (length/width) and appearances are possible on request. Please contact our sales department for consultation.


Harco Loor Catalogues and Price Lists

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Catalogue 2008

Catalogue 2010

Catalogue Supplement 2011

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Tree Breeze Floor Stand

Breeze fitting custom made for this project

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