LED Strip Outdoor IP65 1 Meter

LED Strip Outdoor IP65 1 Meter
LED Strip Outdoor IP65 1 Meter
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IP65 Outdoor LED strip, 48 LED's per metre, very bright! Ideal for bathrooms, displays - indoors or out, bars, signs, hot tubs! Requires 12v DC driver. You buy it by the metre or by 5 meter which is the longest continuous run recommended. Just solder on cables and connect to a 12v supply. You can cut to size, and seal with a drop of glue! Strong 3M adhesive backing will stick to most clean and dry surfaces. One metre uses only 3.8 watts of power!
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- 1 Metre
- IP65
- 3.8w Per Meter

Up to 2 Metres length = 8W Driver
Up to 7 Metres length = 30W Driver
Up to 13 Metres length = 50W Driver
Up to 26 Metres length = 100W Driver
Up to 39 Metres length = 150W Driver
Up to 65 Metres length = 250W Driver

Calculate the wattage by the length. i.e. 2 x 5M lengths of IP65 strip=10M x 3.8W = 38 Watts, Use a 50W driver (T-Driver-50W). The customer may prefer to use 2x drivers as it suits their installation (2x 30W Drivers would then be required).

Note: For longer runs using one driver, each 5M length needs to be run back separately and not joined together! This is to prevent voltage drop, (only 12 volt ) which will affect brightness.
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