LED Strip RGB IP65 5 Meter

LED Strip RGB IP65 5 Meter
LED Strip RGB IP65 5 Meter
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RGB IP65 colour changing flexible strip with self adhesive backing. Ideal for fast installation into many applications including signs, displays, pelmets, under cabinet's mood lighting restaurants, bars, clubs etc...
Single RGB LED chip allows eleven remote controlled settings including static red, blue, purple, green, yellow, cyan and white; gradual colour change. Four mode cycle (multi-colour changing, 7 colour skip, 7 colour flashing) with variable speeds. Just solder on cables and connect to a 12v supply and controller. You can cut to size, and seal with a drop of glue!
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- 5 Metre
- IP65
- 7.2W Per Meter

Up to 3.5 Metres length = 30W Driver
Up to 6 Metres length = 50W Driver
Up to 13 Metres length = 100W Driver
Up to 20 Metres length = 150W Driver
Up to 33 Metres length = 250W Driver

Calculate the wattage by the length. i.e. 2 x 5M lengths of IP65 strip=10M x 3.8W = 38 Watts, Use a 50W driver (T-Driver-50W). The customer may prefer to use 2x drivers as it suits their installation (2x 30W Drivers would then be required).

Note: For longer runs using one driver, each 5M length needs to be run back separately and not joined together! This is to prevent voltage drop, (only 12 volt ) which will affect brightness.
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