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Wise Box Kit - 4 Channel Wireless Switching

Price 169.42 Inc VAT  
Wisedime Kit  4 - Channel Wireless Dimming

Price 336.00 Inc VAT  
Wiseswitch 1000w Receiver

Ref: WISE1000W
Price 75.00 Inc VAT  
Wise Timer

Price 71.28 Inc VAT  
Wise 4 Keypad

Price 47.52 Inc VAT  
Wise 4 Keyring

Price 38.88 Inc VAT  
Wise 42 Keyring

Price 64.80 Inc VAT  
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What is the Wise Box?

Wise Controls are a new type of radio switches and receivers for your home and garden. The Wise Box can be quickly and easily installed into any outdoor enviroment whether commercial or domestic.

The 'Wise Box' uses wireless switching, is water proof IP56, has four 10 amp circuits and a 250 metre range from the wireless switch. The Wise Box will control your lights, water features, electric shutters and gates etc. Once programmed, place the indoor radio frequency wireless switch in a suitable location and the installation is complete. Enjoy switching your circuits from anywhere in your garden or home with the wirefree remote control.

The Wise Box will allow wireless operation of...

- decking lights - 12v or 240v lights - wall lights - shed light - sensor lights
- LED Lights - electric gates - water features - garage doors ...any many more!

Easy installation of the Wise Box
The Wise Box makes installation of outdoor / indoor power and lighting achievable without hardwiring any switch. There are no wires to the Wise Wireless switches. The switches use wireless radio fequency to communicate with the main Wise Box receiver.

You can download our Wise Dimming PDF that show all information about Wise Dimming.

Wise Dimming and Wise Kits

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