Wise 4 Keypad

Wise 4 Keypad
Wise 4 Keypad
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The 1, 2 and 4 channel WiseStyle Switches can be programmed to any of the channels on the Wise receivers. You can add up to 32 switches to the Wise receivers. This means there is no need for two way wiring as you can add another radio switch and place it where you like. You can program these switches to switch more than one Wise receiver.

The 7 channel switch works the same as the 4 channel switch and also allows access to other functions of the WiseDim and WiseBox. Button 5 will turn on all channels at previous levels. Button 6 will turn on channels 1 and 2 only, these are the circuits that are wired to the first two channels on the WiseDim. Button seven will turn off any channels that are on.

The batery life lasts up to two years.

Key Benefits
* Turn all circuits off
* Turn the first 2 circuits on
* Turn all 4 circuits on
* Radio switches require no wiring
* No back box required

Please Note: This is an updated version of the TXW433A04.

Height 86mm
Width 86mm
Depth 13mm
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